purity kanario

Purity Kanario

Communications | Marketing | Public Relations | Customer Experience | Branding Consultant
Dr thomas Corfmat

Dr Thomas D.C.

French Connect & Chiropractor | Sports Injuries | Musculo Skeletal Disorders | Head of ile de France Ouest (AFC)
Dr Margaret Stower

Dr Stower D.C.

Founder & Chiropractor | Physiotherapist & Secretary To Chiropractic Association Of Kenya
Dalizu Stower

Nicholas Dalizu

College Drop Out & CEO
Sarah Odongo Polycare

Pt. Sarah Odongo

Physiotherapist | 8 Years Experience
Jackie Mueni

Jackie Mueni

Clinical Massage Therapist
naziah Khan polycare

Pt Naz Khan

Albert khasiani

Pt Albert Khasiani

Physiotherapist | 10 Years Experience