Will I get attention?

Even in a semi-private , you will be given as much attention to your form, breath, and modifications for conditions as a private student would. That is the beauty of limiting the number of students in Pilates. This concentration of attention will lead to a quicker progression in the work and in your body.

How often should I practice?

You can practice Pilates nearly every day without overtraining, but for the best balance of your time, real progression, and budget, Pilates 2-3 times a week is just about perfect

What should I wear to class? What should I bring?

In many of the exercises, you will be upside down with your legs moving through the air. The last thing you want to do while in these positions is fight with your clothes! Think snug. Ladies, try exercise tights or yoga pants. Guys, longer shorts or athletic spandex boxers under your shorts  work very well! […]

Why stretch with Pilates when I can stretch on my own?

At home or in the gym you are most likely passive stretching since you are using your body weight and/or gravity to pull a muscle into a longer state. Pilates utilizes “active-dynamic” stretching in its exercises. An “active” stretch is when you contract a muscle that is opposite to the muscle that you are trying […]

What if I’m pregnant?

With your doctor’s blessing, you can start and/or continue your Pilates practice all the way to delivery! Starting the fifth month of gestation, your exercises will be modified so that you will never lie flat on your back or perform movements that might put you off-balance or overstretch your loosening hips. Toward the end of […]

Is Pilates safe for me?

Pilates is an incredibly safe, non-impact exercise. Your first session will include a consultation discovering history, current physical conditions, and goals along with functional and postural assessments in order to appropriately program your sessions. While performing the movements, your form, spring resistance, and range of motion, might be modified to keep you injury-free and moving forward in […]

What If I’m not flexible?

It’s ok! You are not expected to be flexible when you first start Pilates. Since Pilates is a progressive practice, you will start with exercises that are more gentle and will slowly work on lengthening your muscles, eventually performing the movement with the ideal form.