Why Get Clinical Massage?

Chronic pain management Speeds up the healing of soft tissue injuries Improves Joint Mobility Aids in healing of repetitive Strain injuries resulting from continuous wrong posture and over-use of specific muscles Post injury muscle rehabilitation

Will The Massage Oil Mess Up My Clothes?

Most massage oils will not damage your clothing. If you have any concerns, bring a comfortable set of clothes to put on afterward. A well-trained therapist can design a session that does not mess up your hair or make-up.

Can I Go Back To Work After A Massage?

Of course, but plan on enough time to readjust. Be aware that your perception of motion (driving, stairs, distances may be “off” for 20 minutes or so after the session). Also, realize your relaxed state may bring your feelings close to the surface.

What If I Am Embarrassed About My Body?

Remember that massage therapists are professionals who are sensitive to possible client issues with touch and are non-judgmental about your body weight, amount of hair, skin conditions, scars, disabilities, medical conditions, or personal history of trauma.

Is It Okay To Talk During Your Session?

Yes, it is okay to talk, but you may get more benefits from a relaxation massage if you let go of your everyday worries or concerns. However the therapist will understand. They are trained not to talk about themselves during your session, but will simply answer your questions with a yes or no. If your […]

What Types Of Massage Do You Have ?

Deep tissue 60 mins KES 4,000 Swedish 60 mins KES 3,500 Shiatsu 90 mins KES 6,000 Sports massage 60 mins KES 5,000 Reflexology 45 mins KES 4,500

What’s Your Approach To Massage?

Therapeutic Massage for acute and chronic injuries or full body stress reduction. Each time you come in for a massage your therapist will design an individually tailored treatment to suit your body and your needs. Please let us know if you have any preference in deep tissue or lighter treatments. Our therapists always work with […]

Is It common To Experience Emotions?

It depends. You might be having a day filled with emotions: sadness, joy or exhaustion. Sometimes the safe touch, music that brings up memories, dates that are linked to events, or the smell of the massage oil may release feelings. The body can react by crying, laughing, or “shivering from cold.” The mind can also […]

Is Massage Therapy Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, massage therapy is safe in all stages of pregnancy, though techniques and positioning are modified. If you have a condition you think limits you from having massage, give us a call and discuss it with us, as you can often continue getting massage with most conditions, with modifications to the treatment.