What Kind Of Activites are there?

A variety of programs and special interest activities is offered. The Oak Park Arms’ person-centered approach allows staff to be flexible, and plans can be tailored to meet individual preferences.  Examples of activities include adult education, games, puzzles, trivia, gardening, arts and crafts, fitness classes, recreational activities, quiet spaces, organizing tasks and discussion groups.

What Health Services Are available?

While still under the care of his or her private physician, each participant is eligible to receive health services to help maintain strength and health. The PolyCare Wellness program includes monthly weight and blood pressure monitoring, medication supervision, case management from a nurse, exercise programs, health lectures, healthy well balanced meals and personal assistance.

What is the Admission Process?

Interested participants can contact the Oak Park Arms Adult Day Care Program to schedule a tour and interview with the outreach coordinator. Individuals need to complete an assessment with their personal physician and maintain health records. Preferences and needs are considered so that an individualized plan can be created.

What is Adult DayCare?

Adult DayCare is a social and recreational alternative for seniors needing companionship during the day. PolyCare Adult Day Care provides supervised recreational and therapeutic programs to stimulate the mind and body. The Adult Day Care program is geared to enhance participants’ self esteem and well being.