Treatment and Prevention of Tennis elbow

Tendinitis in the elbow is commonly referred to in sports terms. “Tennis elbow” refers to irritation and inflammation of the outer tendon, while “golf elbow” refers to irritation and inflammation of the inner tendon. Strangely, more golfers suffer from tennis elbow than golf elbow, but the result can still be very painful.

Prevention of Tennis elbow

To prevent tendinitis of either sort, make sure you are using proper swing techniques when you practice. Tendinitis shows up after overuse of the tendons involved. So be sure to rotate your practice regimen to allow your elbows and arms to get adequate rest.

Treatment of Tennis elbow

Treating tendinitis is usually fairly simple, although you might have to grit your teeth and put the clubs away while you allow your body to heal. The goals are to reduce inflammation, gently strengthen the muscles and tendons, and correct your swing technique so you don’t do this to yourself again.