Most people know about smoking’s effect on the lungs, but did you know that it has an effect on back health and back pain as well? Whether you simply want to know more about smoking’s effects on chronic pain and the body or want to stop smoking all together, you do not have to do it alone. Utilizing new knowledge, support groups, and other smoking resources, you too can stop the smoking habit.

Ways to quit smoking or stop smoking

There are several traditional methods that have been shown to be effective in helping people stop smoking. Most treatments for quitting smoking can be broadly classified into two approaches:

  • Psychological/behavioral
  • Anti-smoking medication

There is no single approach to quit smoking that has been found effective for all people who smoke. As with all of these smoking interventions, findings are based upon research studies comparing one group with another.

Even so, individual results will vary and the treatment needs to be tailored to the person’s unique situation.

For example, even though research has not found hypnosis or acupuncture to be consistently effective to help people quit smoking, for some people it is highly effective.

Most research suggests that a combined intervention is often most effective over the long term. A combined approach uses both:

  • A behavioral intervention to address the “habit” of smoking
  • An anti-smoking medication to help with the physical dependency (reduce negative effects of nicotine withdrawal).