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Chiropractic And Sport With Your Body

Effects of sports on the body

We encourage you to exercise because it reduces stress, burn calories and keep our body moving.

However, the practice of different sports can cause imbalances or injuries. Indeed, repeated movements are responsible for articular micro-traumas. These will often be the cause of major trauma such as tendonitis, shin splints or the stress fractures. It is important to detect them early.

Whatever your sport, it is necessary to be followed by a chiropractor for preventive care first, and also curative care in case of injury.

Benefits of Chiropractic in Sports

Chiropractic aims to restore the body to its optimum capacity. Ensuring good mechanical spine and peripheral joints, we can influence a lot of critical functions in athletic performance.

Chiropractic has three main roles :

Chiropractic  Sports Treatment  :

  • the role of the chiropractor is to detect various disorders of the neuro-musculoskeletal system and treat them if they are within its jurisdiction. It can be simple spasms, chronic pain, sprains, tendonitis, sciatica …

Prevent :

  • you are  supported in its entirety: our chiropractor does not stop only with the symptom, also looks for the cause. Thus, there is a muscle and joint correcting thereby preventing future injury.

Improve performance :

  • the practitioner will find limiting practice your sport. Chiropractic can improve muscle potential, coordination, joint flexibility, respiratory capacity, recovery after exercise …