natural remedies

Natural Remedies — an Alternative to Medicine

The way out of any illness is seeking treatment. If it can be cured, it will be cured. The treatment itself comes in different forms: it could be the administration of prescription medicine, herbal medicine, physiotherapy, chiropractic among others.

In the case of prescription medicine, treatment involves the pharmaceutical drugs chemically manufactured by modern doctors. Because of the sophistication involved in creating these medicines, they are silently called “unnatural remedies.”

Natural remedies, on the other hand, are just the exact opposite; they are natural, uncomplicated methods of treatment. First, there are herbal medicines extracted directly from known plant products like the fruits, roots, bark or leaves. Secondly, physiotherapy and chiropractic are also natural remedies for many sorts of illnesses except that unlike natural herbs, they are physical treatments that do not involve the administration of medicine whatsoever. Indeed this alone sets them apart from both herbal and prescription medication. Thirdly, change of diet is also considered a form of natural treatment. Sometimes all you need to recover from your ill-health is to abstain from certain foods, or introduce some types of food that you have not regularly been taking. Fourthly, a lifestyle change can also be a form of healing. Resolving to have enough sleep each night, sparing time to meditate and engaging in the activities you enjoy doing can surprisingly also be healing.

In recent times, there has been a steady increase in the popularity of these natural remedies as opposed to the pharmaceuticals. That is because it is not always easy to predict how every individual will react to certain medications. Since pharmaceuticals are purely laboratory products, people realize they come with increased risks compared to herbal medicine.

The following are the main reasons why many people now prefer natural remedies over contemporary medications. Note that while there are many other natural remedies, the benefits below are mainly associated with herbal medicine, physiotherapy, and chiropractic:

Rare Cases of Side Effects

Many people have come to realize that while the pharmaceutical medications have powers to heal, they sometimes come with their own fair share of complications. In some instances, laboratory medicine will cure your current illness or problem while creating another. This is what the doctors’ call “side-effects”.

Some side effects can be foretold while others may come unexpectedly, depending on how each body reacts. This is because different people are allergic to different compositions and it is not easy to tell in advance how every patient’s system will respond to a particular medication.

Medicine, herbal or not, is basically a mixture of chemicals that our bodies are unused to. The body system thus forms antibodies to fight the invaders, and that’s the “side-effects.” Unfortunately, the side effects themselves could be worse than the original disease.

But in the case of natural remedies, it has been found that the chances of adverse side effects are rare or non-existent. Our bodies are generally favorable to natural treatments. Physiotherapy and chiropractic are even better placed for they do not involve the use of medicine, so the inconvenience of side-effects does not even arise.

Yet they are also effective methods of treatment that guarantee complete healing in most cases. Patients with balance problems, surgical complications, stroke, diabetes, lung diseases and many more have found a complete cure at the hands of physiotherapists without having to take any form of medicine. Since physiotherapy is purely physical, there are no side effects to worry about.


Prescription medicine involves extensive research, followed by elaborate processing. Needless to say, this ensures the final product doesn’t come cheaply. Natural remedies, on the other hand, are natural, meaning it is easy and less costly to make them. The herb (be it garlic, aloe vera, peppermint or chamomile) is readily available. You can even grow them in your backyard.

Physically oriented treatments like physiotherapy and chiropractic also tend to be cost-effective compared to the conventional forms of treatment. They are simple and straightforward.


Another advantage of natural remedies is that they have been in existence for centuries and so they can be trusted or relied on. Take the Chinese herbs or physiotherapy techniques, for instance, they have been used for centuries, thus their effectiveness is universally acknowledged. You know what to expect and how to handle what else may follow.

For pharmaceuticals however, you could be the experiment. Many new prescription medicines are purely experimental medications whose full abilities or inabilities are yet to be fully ascertained.


Before you opt to go for the natural remedies, it is prudent to bear in mind that they tend to work slowly and so you may not be able to see quick changes. You will have to be patient and let your system adjust gradually. Overnight healing does have its own problems, as the usage of some pharmaceutical pain-killers has shown. Your focus while using natural remedies should be on healing with as little side risks as possible. Additionally, make sure you find competent herbalists or physiotherapists for better treatment.