golf and massage

Why You Should get a massage 48 hours before your game

Smooth, strong Golf swings come from relaxed, flexible muscles.

Golf and Massage

Golf is a complex sport that requires a degree of strength to power a drive down the fairway, as well as a level of finesse and accuracy to smoothly chip and put your ball into the hole, hence our suggestion of deep tissue massage


The success of both types of swings is reliant on having loose, flexible upper body muscles in your neck, arms and shoulders.

Because of the repetitive motion of the golf swing, the neck, back and area between the shoulder blades are prone to tightening up and if not properly treated can become seriously injured.


Golfers may notice lingering soreness around their head or neck if they are hitting too hard and tensing up during their swing. Some also experience tight and inflamed hands, forearms and rotator cuff muscles due to gripping the club.


Loose lower body leads to increased stamina and longevity.

While much attention is paid to a golfer’s swing, the sport also requires a strong, solid foundation to ensure an accurate and powerful stroke on the ball.


The lower back is affected as players experience soreness or injuries in the lower back, gluteus and hips due to the rotation during the swing. Others will also experience tight hamstrings, calves and sore feet after spending hours walking around an 18-hole course.

Regular Massage

Getting regular massage treatments is hence of paramount importance to golfers as it loosens tension in the muscles, increase blood flow to promote muscle recovery, break up adhesions to improve range of motion and flexibility and to help in recovery from injuries while preventing future ones.


During a massage the therapist will manipulate fascia (a connective tissue that binds muscles, bones, organs and blood vessels in order to restore the body.


Golfers are most likely to benefit from deep tissue massage and sports massage, which should be done at least 48 hours before tee time as they could feel sore if they play immediately after the massage.


Relaxing massages should also be done in between the deeper treatments to foster relaxation as golf requires a lot of mental clarity and concentration.


Massage benefits are cumulative; meaning the more regular the treatments the more likely you are to reap the benefits. This is because massages is a preventative maintenance treatment.