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Catching Up With Your Resolutions — Never Too Late To Start

There is always that crossroads moment in life when you feel you have to stop, turn around or choose which direction to take. Things are not going the way you want them either due to your actions, or inactions. Maybe you want to lose weight, stop drinking irresponsibly, spend more time with your family, start saving, buy your home or watch your health more keenly. The New Year season is partly popular because it is the time many a man or woman takes a pen and a paper to compose a well-thought “My Mission Statement,” “My Dos and Don’ts,” “My Principles now onwards,” and so on. The wind of change blows in January.

Due to one reason or other, January gently slides into February, which blends into March so quietly that you hardly notice. Soon, it is midyear, and then fast away the old year passes. As you prepare to hail the New Year, you remember you had bold resolutions you neglected. You are always about to activate them, but something holds you back. The main obstacles that usually stop many people from fulfilling their resolutions include:

Weak Will

The only reason that could be keeping you back from catching up with your grand resolutions is a weak will. You are not resolute enough. You may have seen sense in reducing your intake of red meat for health reasons, but whenever you smell it, you salivate and quickly forget your resolutions. Or each time you take a puff of that cigarette, you feel awful. You had resolved to give it up when the year just started however you have not assembled enough will to quit. Again, it could be the need to consult a physiotherapist over your on-and-off body pains.

Whenever you are feeling good, the plan to visit a physiotherapist is off your head, until that very head suffers yet another mysterious, hammering headache, or until the nightly pain resumes throbbing in your joints and back. That may be when you lend your resolution another fleeting thought. The decision is always floating somewhere in your mind.

Fear of the Unknown

Trying something new could be hazardous, you may reason, without explaining to yourself what the real hazards are. The only way out is for you to remain in your comfort zone. You may imagine it won’t work. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak or so you reason. Well, why not give it a try from today?

Thinking It’s Not the Right Time

You could also be thinking it is not the right time to actualise your resolutions. You hold on, having pushed the ‘pending’ button on your resolutions. Meanwhile, you continue to drink more than you should and develop the health problems that come with it. You do not have to wait until next year. Turn around now. The more you buy time, the more you could be losing it.

Too Busy

Another excuse you may have is that you do not have enough time to concentrate on your resolutions. You have so much to juggle already. There is no way you can add extra luxuries like a monthly routine visit to a dentist or chiropractor. You know it is essential for your well-being, but you are just too busy to make the routine checkups to be part of your life.

A Call to Action

Whether one or all of the above excuses have stopped you from meeting your goals, it is time you turned to the mirror to see the person in charge of your life. That person you see will ultimately be the main casualty should you fail to make a decision. Indeed, failure to make a decision is in itself a decision. Put another way: indecision is itself a decision, for indecision too has consequences.

Do not wait for the New Year to implement a decision you made when this year started. That is literally transferring this year’s baggage to the next. So visit a physiotherapist today and get checked. That could be the best implementation you made this year. Many life-changing revelations could come out of such a visit, to your surprise. The timely visit may save your life. Next year may be too late.