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Posture and chiropractic care

Correct posture is a simple but a very important way to keeping the intricate structures on the back and spine healthy. The muscles that support posture elongate and stretch against gravity to do so. The human posture is determined by two factors The state of the spine The strain and stress that the person faces. Apart from diseases affecting the spine, bad posture can lead to a lot of spinal problems. Not maintaining a good […]

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What is the Chiropractic approach to healthcare?

We as human beings are creatures of habit. Despite the advice given on how to live healthy and make minor adjustments to our routine, we i still gravitate towards our habits. This was the backbone of Dr.Margaret Stowers talk on 5th March 2020 When she addressed the Langata Rotary Club in Nairobi. It is the wish of every one of us to live healthy without too much medication or medical intervention. Chiropractic care offers you […]

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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a slow, soothing and calming massage for the various stages of pregnancy after the first trimester. During this massage, you lie on your side, with pillows, blankets and towels to support and warm your body and bump. Not only is it a highly relaxing treatment, but it also helps to alleviate side effects such as backaches and swelling. Pregnancy Massage can be of benefit not only to the mother but also to […]

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