What is the Chiropractic approach to healthcare?

What is the Chiropractic approach to healthcare?

We as human beings are creatures of habit.
Despite the advice given on how to live healthy and make minor adjustments to our routine, we i still
gravitate towards our habits. This was the backbone of Dr.Margaret Stowers talk on 5th March 2020
When she addressed the Langata Rotary Club in Nairobi.
It is the wish of every one of us to live healthy without too much medication or medical intervention.
Chiropractic care offers you solutions into achieving practical solutions. If well followed and adhered to,
it will improve your lifestyle and keep you away from hospitals and doctors clinics.
Here are the things to do;
1. Drink water
Drink at least one and a half litres a day. This translates to 8 glasses of water per day.If you are involved
in a more active activity, then you will need at least two more glasses.
Here is the reason why, look at the body as a car engine, it constantly needs a minimum amount of oil to
operate smoothly. To make sure we do not run into trouble, we top up the engine oil regularly or when
the car indicates we should. Same for you, but it is only wise if you do not wait for your body to indicate
because you will not like it.
So make a habit of drinking water. Drink at least 2 glasses before you go to bed. That’s because the skin
loses water even as we sleep . Drink 2 glasses as soon as you wake up, the rest of the day, fit in the other
4 glasses and you will be good to go.

2. Exercise and stretch
We cannot over emphasise the importance of exercise . The human body is designed to move so let us
incorporate some form of exercise in our daily lives.
Walk up the staircase instead of taking the elevator. It will not only burn calories but also keep the blood
and fluids in the spine circulating. It is also safer in terms of logistics to take the staircase
Exercise shouldn’t be regarded as a chore, it should be something you would and should enjoy doing.
You should make it an habit and include it in your to do list.
Exercise may involve waking up earlier to hit the gym, jog around the neighbourhood, swim, cycling on
the weekends, opting to walk instead of driving , engaging in your favourite sport during the weekend or
just anything that gets you moving.
The options we have are endless and the weather is optimal. Even as you exercise, remember to stretch.
Muscles have the ability to contract while working and they need to recoil in the form of stretching in
order to optimize performance.

3. Nutrition.
Eat a balanced diet that would give you all the nutrients that the body needs. It would be prudent to use wholesome foods so that you can get as much nutrients as possible from the
food. Lots of vegetables and fruits will boost immunity. Make sure you get enough calcium and vitamin.
These two are responsible for strong bones upon which your body is built.

4. Sleep
The body needs at least 5hours of sleep a day.
Good quality sleep happens between 10pm and 4am.For your own good, make sure you are asleep
during these hours.
These are the hours when your body regenerates.

5. Ergonomics
This is basically the mindfulness of body position as you engage in your daily tasks.
may it be at your workspace, at home ,at your leisure space or during your commute and especially at
rest. Be aware of the need to take care of your back. Do not place too much strain on your back

6. Stress
Address your stressors, those things that make you agitated .

No matter the situation it’s good to connect and share the problem with someone that way the burden
is lessened.

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Prepared by Dr. Margaret Stower.

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