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How to reduce back injury cases at work

Activities such as Heavy lifting, repetitive movements and sitting at a desk for longer periods of time and poor sitting posture are viable causes of pain on your back. Here you will get some facts about the pain and how to prevent it at work. However its nature is,(i.e dull and achy or sharp and stabbing). Back pain can make it quite hard and even impossible for you to focus on your daily tasks. Depending […]

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What is the Chiropractic approach to healthcare?

We as human beings are creatures of habit. Despite the advice given on how to live healthy and make minor adjustments to our routine, we i still gravitate towards our habits. This was the backbone of Dr.Margaret Stowers talk on 5th March 2020 When she addressed the Langata Rotary Club in Nairobi. It is the wish of every one of us to live healthy without too much medication or medical intervention. Chiropractic care offers you […]

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What are the benefits of regular chiropractic care?

The urge and want to relieve Back pain is a major reason why most people will visit a chiropractor. But have you ever thought or wondered what really a chiropractor does to you? What are some of the benefits of seeing a chiropractor? It helps bring about natural recovery. Whereas most other treatment options include the use of medications, surgery, or injection therapy; chiropractic care encourages your body in treating itself naturally. Improves joint mobility, […]

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