chiropracticChiropractic technique and adjustments  make use a system of noninvasive therapy.Physical therapy and  treatments such as adjustments can help relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve reducing the effects of sciatica.

We hold it certain that musculoskeletal disorders  from nervous system dysfunction will be no more. We take care of any misalignment of the spine and joints are with manual adjustments or manipulations. Come in to PolyCare Wellness Centre and get an adjustment because adjustments are part of life Find out more on Our Prices


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy  is a practice by Physical therapists who help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. In our approach we observe Conscious awareness before subconscious competency. Our grannies recipe is that once there is safety  by the brain the body is less interested in whatever pain messages are coming from the tissue.

PolyCare Wellness Centre is  in an accessible mall in the lavington nairobi area so come in for premier physical therapy treatment 




At PolyCare we understand  Clinical massage therapy, our massage therapist uses touch to manipulate soft tissues throughout the human body. Patients seek massage therapists for a number of reasons from decompressing tired muscles to reducing stress and supporting general health. This is done through techniques such as foot massage ,myofascial release and trigger point therapy — which help relax connective tissues and muscles — Swedish massage, rehabilitative stretching


I bet most of you didn’t know Reflexology can be carried on the face, hands and even ears..We divide the entire body into two parts; the left foot/hand/ear represents left part of the body whereas the right represents the right part of the body.
we are then able to predetermine the pressure point to gauge the source of pain which is plaguing our client. In addition we leave you knowing how to conduct hand reflexology at the comfort of your home.