“POLYMORPHOSIS” – About Polymorphosis by PCC


Pain Management;

God forbid if you come in pain, but we are here for you, we focus on managing this pain.

Gentle care with use of manipulation techniques and hot or cold packs on the areas affected. Discomfort is not an unusual side effect.

Depending on information you hand to us, we examine your daily environment to help you reduce

the strain on your body by your activities.


The Follow up, you are almost there;

By this time you come to see us your pain will have reduced. In this stage we will be focusing on improving your motion, muscle, joints and nerve functions. We put faith in the ability of your body to heal itself.


No Pain Gain literally;

You are most likely healed at this stage but our commitment if to promote optimal health. Prevent pain and improve quality of life. Sessions in this stage are usually shorter and prices flexible.