Solutions To Neck Pain


Acute bouts of neck pain can be brought on by bending over a desk for long hours,poor standing posture,poor ergonomics(placement of computer and keyboard), sleeping in awkward positions,twisting or turning the neck,sprains and strains,and jarring it in an accident or while exercising.


Two conditions that have become extremely common are forward head posture and text-neck,both a result of too many hours looking at our computers and phone screens.

Forward head is a condition where the head is forward on the spine causing pain in the neck and down the arms.

As a rule,for every inch the head moves forward from a neutral position,the pressure on the neck vertebrae and muscles increases by about 10 pounds.

The human head weighs about 10 to 12 pounds.When the head is in a neutral position,that weight can be supported by the neck muscles but when the head is 30 degrees
forward,the weight on those neck muscles increases to about 40 pounds.When the head is held forward 60 degrees,that weight increases to about 60 pounds pressure on
the neck muscles.
When we hold this position for any length of time,we create repetitive use injury for our neck muscles which is commonly called text-neck.(often as a result of of
using our phones too much)
Tilting the head forward for as little as 2 to 4 hours per day has been shown to cause significant damage even resulting in the need for spinal surgery.

The good news however is that Massage therapy particularly clinical massage which integrates various modalities with the aim of alleviating pain,and
increase range of motion prevents the long term damage and chronic pain.

Consistent massage treatments tailor made for individual needs are geared towards working on the upper back,shoulders,head and neck to release tension that

usually leads to headaches and chronic neck pain and which if over-looked could result to permanent damage in the long term.