back pain


Studies show that more than 80 percent of golfers experience back pain or injury at some point while actively playing golf. In one study of 154 professional golfers, 55% reported a history of low back pain. This pain was of an adequate level to miss at least one tour event, or to play at an unsatisfactory level. The good news is that regular chiropractic care can help not only treat the pain but prevent future injuries, all while helping the patient maintain the flexibility required by this demanding sport. In a study comparing different treatment options for chronic pain in athletes, including golfers, chiropractic techniques proved more effective at reducing pain than other treatments. Golfers who regularly visit a chiropractor—such as Tiger Woods and 75 percent of his fellow PGA competitors—also report significant improvements in their game.


Studies have shown that the chiropractic adjustment can improve the range of motion of spinal joints. No big surprise here. Further, the adjustment can also help to correct improper muscle firing patterns established from previous injuries. What this means to the avid golfer is likely more accuracy, increased muscle efficiency, greater power, and ultimately better performance with less chance of injury. When a player experiences back pain during a round of golf, their scores suffer and their enjoyment is taken away from the game. There is a higher rate of injury among those players with poor flexibility, trunk control, postural control, and improper muscle firing patterns. In addition, back, neck, shoulder and elbow pain will sabotage any golf swing and ruin the golf experience. It shouldn’t be that way and it doesn’t have to. Regular chiropractic treatment can help alleviate golf back pain and injuries and get your game to where it is supposed to be.