Uneven Wearing Out Of Shoes

Have you ever noticed an uneven wearing  out on the bottom of your shoes? Do you ever wonder what causes this or how it can be avoided? This usually occurs from an imbalanced postural or movement pattern, such as how you walk, run or stand. Areas of greater wear on the bottom of shoes correlates […]

Posture Correcting Tips

1. Keep Your Ears In Line With Your Shoulders If you’re leaning too far forward or backward, your posture is off-kilter. Use this trick whenever you’re sitting at your desk.           2. Practice Some Shoulder Chest Exercises Here are a few worth trying out: Try a wall angel. Stand up against […]

PolyCare And Office Performance

PolyCare optimally aligns, strengthens and stabilizes your muscles and bones during a continuous session improving performance of an individual; aches and pains relieved. A highly therapeutic massage that addresses muscular dysfunctions, while at the same time is relaxing and stress relieving. Clients typically report longer lasting results with PolyCare innovative techniques. Complimenting a Chiropractic session […]

Solutions To Neck Pain

ACUTE NECK PAIN. Acute bouts of neck pain can be brought on by bending over a desk for long hours,poor standing posture,poor ergonomics(placement of computer and keyboard), sleeping in awkward positions,twisting or turning the neck,sprains and strains,and jarring it in an accident or while exercising. FOWARD HEAD AND TEXT-NECK. Two conditions that have become extremely […]



Studies show that more than 80 percent of golfers experience back pain or injury at some point while actively playing golf. In one study of 154 professional golfers, 55% reported a history of low back pain. This pain was of an adequate level to miss at least one tour event, or to play at an […]

Wrist pain

How to Cure Wrist Pain

Like the tendons in the elbows, wrist tendons can become overly fatigued and inflamed, which can affect your ability to hold your club correctly (or at all, in serious cases) hence  causing wrist pain Prevention To prevent wrist tendinitis, use the off-season to condition and strengthen your wrists and forearms. Dr. Levi Harrison recommends these seven […]